Brian was trying to enter the online marketing space and needed a blog.

He hired me to build his dream blog.

When I delivered him his new blog, he was happy with what he got.

And then, he sent me this:

how to promote your blog

Brian needed advice to start promoting his new blog.

It’s not just Brian, Kyle and most of my clients needed actionable advice on driving traffic.

Everyone need traffic.

But, have you ever wondered…

Since there is already so much free information floating on the internet on getting traffic,

Why is it that people still can’t seem to apply what they read and take the action to drive serious amounts of traffic?

I’m pretty sure you must have come across blog posts like these:

“20 tips on how to be #1 on google”

“30 simple steps to grow your blog”

“50 ways to get more facebook fans this month”

“80 ways to increase your twitter followers”

“100 hacks to drive more traffic to your website without SEO”

It seems every technique on growing website traffic is freely accessible on the Internet.

It’s like, just apply what you read and Boom! You will be successful.

But the hard truth is that few people are getting any serious traffic to their website.


It’s because most information out there is merely touching the surface.

Most information we read online is seriously lacking in in-depth information implementing specific traffic techniques from A to Z.

We need real life case studies and actionable steps

We do not need tens of traffic methods.

Instead, we need real life case studies that provide a how-to for implementing specific traffic techniques and actionable steps people can take to grow traffic.

Unfortunately, such tutorials are scarce and hard to find online.

Most Internet Marketing blogs don’t provide that kind information…

…which is why I came up with the idea for this blog.

There is a gap between what bloggers need and what they are finding, and I am going to fill that gap in this “Web Traffic Generation” space by providing high quality, informative traffic generation content you can put into action right away to grow your traffic.

Want to learn how to promote your blog?

I’ll show you how to promote your blog. Here is what I’ll do:


I am starting a brand new blog, and I will grow it to 10,000 unique visitors per month

I’ll record everything that I do with in-depth information and screenshots.

I’ll be sharing my strategies, techniques and traffic stats.

Mind you, I don’t personally know any of the ‘big boys’ in my niche, so I’m just like most of you – starting from scratch.

I don’t enjoy the luxury of having someone with a great following to announce my new blog to the world.

But I do have a small list of clients who have purchased my web design services in the past.

I’ll announce this blog to them, but that’s it.

I’m going to grow this blog just like any humble blogger.

In the coming posts,

1. I’ll share what I have done, what works, what doesn’t.

2. There will be case studies you can apply to your business.

3. I will also show you my traffic and subscribers stats, and the tools that I use to do my job.

Ready to join me on my journey?

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19 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Blog: I’ll Show You How I Grow My Brand New Blog to 10,000 Unique Visitors Per Month

  1. Great initiative thanks Verena,

    I’m certainly keen to follow your progress as this is very timely for me!


  2. Hi Verena,

    I’m intrigued as to how to do this, i’m excited about the step of faith when you state that ” I will ” that’s great to read and to hear that!

  3. Thanks Verena. Love this post. So true. I find there’s a lot of content out there talking about 40 million ways to get traffic but the truth of the matter is, we don’t have all this time in the world to apply all 40 million ways. We just need to know what works, how it is applied and the results they got which is why case studies are so important.

    In fact, focusing on one traffic method at a time, mastering that one method and then moving on is the best way I’ve found.

    1. Thanks Douglas, I agree. I see a lot of people doing so many things at one time and it really hurts them. Focus on what works first, and then move on to new traffic method one at a time. That’s a really god point.

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