Want to build a sustainable online business?

Email is the foundation.

Not Facebook likes.

Not Twitter followers.

Not #hashgtags.

Quick stat:

Email- According to Silverpop, the average email open rate is 20.2%

Facebook- Facebook organic reach runs around 6% for brand pages and 2% for pages with more than 500,000 likes.

Twitter- Only 8-10% of your followers see your tweet.

Email should be the core of every online marketing strategy.

But there is one piece of bad news

If you spend any time scouring the Internet searching for actionable list building advice, I’m sure you’ll be disappointed.

There is more bad stuff than good out there.

To save you time, I’m showing you a monster list of links to 90+ list building blog posts I’ve collected.

These are valuable case studies, actionable guide, lessons, tools, and other list building resources you can grab and implement on your website.

So, let’s dive in.

I grew this blog from nothing to a blog with 10,000 monthly visitors, working part time and without using SEO.

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Actionable Techniques to Build Email List

1. Which is the better signup process; Single opt-in or double opt-in?

2. Twenty nine killer bribe ideas to grow your email list.

3. Forty tips for dramatically better emails.

4. Here is the best day of the week to send email (Soundest Research 2016).

5. Five juicy email marketing hacks that you can use to improve your email marketing.

6. Implement these 101 sales email templates to close more deals.

7. After writing 1000+ promotional emails, here is what Danavir Sarria learned.

8. Discover 500+ short subject lines you can use in your next email campaign.

9. The definite guide to list building.

10. How Foundr Magazine added 56,000 subscribers in 30 days.

11. Jimmy Daly use skyscraper method to get 30k pageviews and 1000 email subscribers in 1 week.

12. How this blog’s homepage redesign increased email signups by 300%.

13. Why HubSpot unsubscribed 250K people from their blog and started sending fewer emails.

14. Case studies: how to write email that paves the way towards action.

15. Here are 5 techniques to get you more email subscribers.

16. How to write subject lines to get email open with ridiculously-high open rates.

17. These irresistible subject lines drive me to open the emails.

19. Getting a sign-up is a struggle. Use these sign-up strategies to build your email list fast.

20. Advanced guide: How to write promotional emails that convert.

21. Copy this massive list of subject lines formulas so your emails are opened and read.

22. Build your platform to grow from zero to 240,000 subscribers (part time).

23. Learn from these heavyweight bloggers who have built a combined 500,000 email subscribers.

24. Pick the minds of these professional bloggers’ list building advice.

25. Chris McCann explains how StartupDigest grew its email list to 100,000 subscriptions in one year.

26. How Social Media Examiner grew its email list by 234% in one year.

27. Use Robbie Richards used these 12 techniques to grow his email list from zero to 1,634 subscribers in 5 months.

28. Avoid making these 10 common list building mistakes.

29. Wait! Avoid making these list building mistakes too. There are 19 of them.

30. Your website maybe be working against you. Plug up these website “leaks” that cost you subscribers.

32. Use the 80/20 principle to double your list size.

34. Button test result: red button outperformed the green button by 21% on an optin form.

35. Want to increase opt-in conversion? Use fewer fields on your opt-in form.

36. Sign-up forms: Why Google, Yahoo, hotmail and ebay arrange their fields vertically; not horizontally.

37. The opt-in form style that could increase conversion by 25-40%.

38. How to build your email list? Here are 101 list building strategies.

39. How to use exit-intent pop-overs and pop-ups to add an extra 15% conversion to your list.

40. Seven key tips to optimize lead conversion using pop-up forms.

41. Nine ideas to create irresistible bribes to skyrocket your list building.

42. How to create an email bribe– finally get unstuck.

43. How to build your list over 321% faster by giving people one persuasive reason they should subscribe.

44. Use social proof on your lead capture page to get more email subscribers.

45. How University of Alberta’s little nudge increased email subscribership 500%.

47. Most people don’t know how to use LinkedIn groups to build their email list.

48. Six Google+ techniques the pros use to build their email list.

49. How Derek Halpern gained 1,054 emails in 28 days using webinars as email bribe.

50. Use Facebook ads to get 17,800 email opt-ins in 6 weeks.

51. Most of us neglect 404 pages; this site uses 404 pages to grow their email list.

52. How to use tests and quizzes to build your email list.

53. How Gregory Ciotti uses guest blogging to grow 36,733 email subscribers.

54. How to run a simple contest to add 500 new subscribers to your list.

55. How to use expanded guest posts to get 500 subscribers in 1 week.

56. How to use Influencer Marketing to get 1000+ subscribers in 24 hours.

57. How Waterford Crystal uses sweepstakes to grow its email list.

58. How Josh Earl used a giveaway to grow his email list by almost 200k emails in less than two weeks.

59. Five ways to grow your email list with Facebook contests.

60. Use WiseStamp to customize your email signature and link it to your lead capture page.

61. Run an ecommerce store? Collect email addresses at checkout.

62. Use cold calling to grow your email list by 25,084 subscribers.

64. Discover why people unsubscribe from your list; and how to make them stick.

65. Send first time blog commenters to your lead capture page using this WordPress plugin.

66. Simplify your lead capture page because “simple” websites are scientifically better.

67. Add this simple link in your welcome email to get more referral leads.

68. Add social media share buttons to your thank-you page.

69. How Jason Acidre increase his email list subscribers by 532% in 1 month using ManyContacts.

70. Include an opt-in form on your about page. Derek Halpern used this to increase his conversion rate 446%.

72. Convert your popular blog posts into a SlideShare presentation. Use an embedded opt-in form to get subscribers. Here is how to implement this technique.

73. Implement these strategies to make your most popular posts convert readers into leads for you.

75. Use this technique to slash unsubscribes – offer an opt-down option when they want to opt out.

76. Convert your lead capture page to a “social squeeze page” to boost your conversion.

78. Use your Facebook page cover photo to drive traffic to your lead capture page. Make it clickable.

79. Use BuiltWith to discover what tools your competitors use to build their email list.

80. Use this “What Would Seth Godin Do” plug-in to display different messages to new and returning visitors to encourage sign ups.

81. These WordPress plugins work too well, it looks like cheating. Use them to build your email list.

82. This article shows you 67 tools email marketers use to grow their email lists.

83. Always remember to add an opt-in box at the bottom of every blog post to grow your list.

84. How Robbie Richards collected 2000+ email subscribers with zero budget and zero connections.

85. This article shows you a giant list of WordPress plugins and widgets you can use to build your email list.

86. How Tim Ferriss built 100,000 emails in 1 week (templates, script and everything included in this article).

87. How Groove doubled their email subscribers to 50,000 in 6 months.

88. Starting from scratch? Here is how to get your first 1000 email subscribers.

90. Use these 2 core strategies to build your email list by 1,000 subscribers.

92. The formula for driving action in your emails.

93. What sending 100 Million emails taught Noah Kagan about email marketing engagement tactics that don’t work.

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By the way…

I grew this blog from nothing to a blog with 10,000 monthly visitors, working part time and without using SEO.

Want to know how I made it happen? I’ll show you what I did. Click here to get instant access.


8 thoughts on “Ultimate List Building Guide: 90+ Actionable Techniques to Build Monstrous Email List

  1. That’s a lot to read, Verena. Could you maybe summarize the biggest lessons you’ve learned from reading these articles? Thank you 🙂

    1. Here is my thought, Raul.

      There isn’t any one method that fits everyone. We, as marketers, have to find our best mix.

      If you’re good at content research and writing, guest blogging and community marketing can be your core marketing activities to build your email list. Good at running ads and conversion optimization? Then spend most of your time buying leads via Facebook. Everyone excels in different areas

      The 80/20 rule applies in our marketing activities, including list building. To work efficiently, spend 80% of your time on things that produce the highest ROI and 20% of your time testing new things. Over time, that’s what I’ve learned works best for Growth Text and my other business ventures.

  2. Wow, it looks like you’ve got some great articles here. While browsing through the list several of the articles caught my eye, and I’ve bookmarked them to read later.

    Thanks for the great post, as well as for the WiseStamp shoutout 🙂

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